Influencer Marketing has become a highly popular way for brands to market their offering.

Regardless of the size of your business or the product or service you offer, I can assist you in marketing your offering to a broader audience.

Through a variety of blogger and influencer related activities, I will share your products or service offerings with my growing social media and blog audience.

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Do you offer a range of products and services that would appeal to my social media and blog audience?

If so, a once-off review would only be half the job done. As a brand ambassador for your business, we would have an agreement where I would promote your business as a whole and all of your products or services on an ongoing basis, both as a partipant in your own marketing campaigns or at your brand events, if required, AND through my own social media and blog-related activities and events.

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Giveaways and competitions are an excellent way to build your brand's fan base and create some hype around a new or existing product or service.

If you have an exciting product, service or range of products to promote, let's collaborate on a giveaway or competition to get the word out!

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Do you need a small boost in your marketing activities? A great way to do that is through favourable reviews by trusted influencers.

Consumers trust positive reviews from friends, favourite celebrities and relatable social media personalities more than conventional advertisements.Through my blog and social media channels, I work hard to build a strong relationship with my community of followers and I regularly recommend products, services and places to them that I love or have found to be beneficial. One of those recommendations could be about your business/brand/product/service.

Please read the important information for potential clients section at the bottom of the page for more information about my policy on reviewing products.

For more information or to contact me regarding a current collaboration opportunity, fill in this contact form .

Press or Brand Events are a great way to launch a new product or service and give your brand an awareness boost.
If your brand is launching a new product, product range, service or opening a new brand location, or if you are hosting a media event or trip for any reason, I would be happy to attend to offer extra coverage of the events through my blog-related and social media activities and to my growing social media and blog audience. To invite me to a media event, simply send me an email or fill in this contact form .
Please note that I will only recommend products and services to my audience which I have tested and found to be useful or beneficial in one way or another. If I am not happy with a product or service, for whatever reason, I will not publish a review at all.
I do not believe in posting a negative review about a product or service without first contacting the business concerned and allowing them to respond to or rectify the problem. I also will not post a false positive review because my goal is that my blog and social media accounts serve, not only as a business, but as a beneficial resource for my readers. Rather, I will provide feedback directly to the client so that my concerns can be addressed, if the client so wishes. The client may submit a different product or the same but improved product for review at a later stage, as part of our original agreement. If the client provides a service, I would be happy to review the service once again, once the concern has been addressed, as part of the original agreement.