Blogger in the making: First Fashion Post

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I have been a wannabe blogger for years.

I have procrastinated the hell out of this dream for a number of years and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. Blogging was everything I wanted and I watched countless bloggers make a success of their dream while mine sat on the back-burner.

As part of my procrastinating, I decided I needed to work on myself in a variety of areas. As a result of this work, I also spent a year coaching a number of other people through their blocks in life. I used coaching as a crutch, an excuse not to blog. I was too busy “helping” others to focus on myself. It was always there in the background but there was always something else more important to do first.

Blogger Rox in Pink Jumpsuit with Black Heeled Pumps

Eventually, after a year of coaching others, I turned inwards and assessed my own blocks. I realised, I hadn’t started my blogging journey because I felt like I wasn’t good enough to be a blogger. I didn’t feel like a particularly interesting person. I had spent years researching beauty hacks, DIY and wellbeing as a “blogger”, but despite all the knowledge I had acquired, I didn’t feel like I had anything important to say.

One of my biggest “not enough” blocks was that I felt like I wasn’t “blogger” material in terms of the way I looked. I hated being in photos. Regardless of what my friends and family would say or any compliments I received, all I saw was rolls, bulges and wrinkles where I didn’t want them to be.

This year, I made a big decision for myself. That I am enough. And let me be clear – this is a decision, not a realisation.


You have to DECIDE that you are good enough – muffin tops, freckles, wrinkles, curly hair, cellulite, stretch marks, rolls and all.


And once I made that decision, the next step was to take the dreaded leap and start to put myself out there in ways that, at first, felt uncomfortable, but later, I realised, is extremely liberating.

So here they are – pictures of me in all my perfect imperfection.

Blogger Rox in Black Leggings, Black Crop Top, Black Heeled Pumps and Red Leather Jacket


Because I am a blogger. And I am enough.

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